Monday, 17 February 2014



    WTPI THE VIEW interview with people, who work in the field of special education and rehabilitation, inspire of disability and have made outstanding contribution in some other field are invited to share his/ her own experience with the people.

        Our interview will focus on the life of the people with disability and the people around them. We will also discuss how disabled people, their families and special educators are coping with day to day life challenges. We will also discuss about their achievements despite of impediments in their way. We will also try to clear off the misconceptions and bust the myths in society regarding in the field of disability and rehabilitation. Our target is to include parents, special educators, rehab professionals etc.

     The objective will be to focus on the achievements that the person with disability instead of having impediments in his ways through life, has accomplished. This will give a breakthrough to the deterrents that a person with disability goes through who inspite of challenges have emerged as a winner and carved a niche for themselves

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