Sunday, 7 December 2014

The international disability day is a day  that  we would like to view  to taking stock of  our  achievements  in the area of disability studies and practices over the year and also systematically plan  the path  to be taken  for the coming year . It is intended that wethepeopleindia believe in taking along everyone towards creating an inclusive society where every is special and where every person’s ability are considered important rather than that persons limitation. We visualize a society where the person’s strengths are strengthened and limitations are de-limited. 
We at have been taking baby steps towards connecting all persons and institutions associated with disability. We look forward that in the coming year we will be able to get the proceedings of activities being conducted across country known even to those who were unable to participate in them virtually.
At the same time we will attempt to post you about as many events across the country before hand so that more and more of us can participate in them. Our research section is working towards bringing to you the latest research being done in the area of disability studies especially in the context of south Asia. 
From the desk of   Majid Siddiqui Kabir
  Publisher & Managing Secretary,
‘‘International E- Journal of Disability Studies,  Special Education and Rehabilitation”

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